Texas Council of Clubs and Independents - Region 7
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ATTENTION: WE ARE PROUD to announce that we have filed our anti-motorcycle profiling bill and our Texas Gang Database Transparency and Accountability bill as of February 11, 2021. It is very important to understand that this is just the first step of many. We will need each and everyone of you and your voting age family members to contact your House Representative to sign on as a sponsor for the bills below.
In addition, we will need each and everyone of you and your voting age family members to contact your Senator to introduce a mirrored version of these bills in the Senate.
We will be providing updated information sheets to help you speak confidently on the topics but if you are secure in your message go ahead and reach out to your legislators now. If your legislator is interested but would like more information, make an appointment for a Zoom meeting and send an invite to chris@txcoci.com and Clutch will be happy to join. Now is the time. LOUD BIKERS SAVE RIGHTS.

HB 1837, Relating to motorcycle profiling by peace officers

HB 1838, Relating to intelligence databases for combinations and criminal street gangs
Thank you to all of the hard work of Representative Gonzalez and her team and the State COC reps that have gotten us to this point, but this is just the beginning.

SWICC says...
"With September 1st coming up very soon, brothers and sisters will now be profiled even more with constitutional carry being put in place. I asked that we send out education to our brothers and sisters who ride and carry, about their rights to carry so that any stops that are made do not go south.
We already have enough on our plates with all of the profiling that is done and this is one thing that will be added to the harassment of bikers. " (6/22/21)